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Primary Address for                      Hand Drop Off & Commercial Courier
All USPS Mail:                               Delivery Address:   

Documents may be received in PDF, Word or TIFF format.

**IMPORTANT NOTES: Please send ALL "First Class", "Priority Mail" and
"Express Mail" United States Postal Service shipments to the above PO box
address. When shipping via overnight courier service (FedEx, UPS, etc.), use
the Marysville State Avenue address and confirm with RBLS via email or
phone/text msg. the shipping date, expected date of arrival and the courier
company's name and tracking number if possible to ensure prompt receipt. Hand
deliveries may also be made at the drop off location listed above M-F from 8 AM
to 6:00 PM. Sat. 9:00 AM to 5 PM. For your convenience, a request for service
form is available by clicking below. Please fill out, then  click the print button at
the top of the form. Print either directly to a PDF print file for emailing or send
to a physical printer to print first, then scan to email. Either way, please include
the copy with your order. Also, be advised that just "saving" the form will not
capture the filled in text. Thank you.  
425-367-9444 - Cell     
877-321-RBLS (7257) - Toll Free
360-653-8645 - Fax
Roland Brown                                               Roland Brown
Roland Brown Legal Services                      Roland Brown Legal Services
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Roland Brown Legal Services
Service of process. Court Filings,
Research and Document Retrieval
Dedicated service
since 1984.